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I'd like to keep today's tasks as close to how we would complete our spelling lesson as possible, so here goes.


1)  Get you adult at home to test you on last week's spellings - remember they all have a letter y in them somewhere that makes the long/i/ sound.


2) Go through the power point, this will introduce you to this week's new spelling pattern which are tricky homophones. I wonder if you can remember what a homophone is? Remember to complete the Mr Whoops' sentences  with your adult.


3) Complete a handwriting model for each one of this week's new spellings from the spelling poster. Remember to use a dictionary to check the meaning of the new words. Perhaps you could even test your adult to see how many of them they know.wink


4) Complete practice one for your new spellings. Please remember to use our technique. Remember not to just copy, copy, copy.yes


5) This week's activity is a board game. You will need to play this with another member of your household. If you're unsure how to complete it ask your adult, I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.smiley


Please remember these are our weekly spellings, so don't try and complete all of the tasks in one go.