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Writing and Planning a Story.


Today I would like you to follow the link attached below and to work your way through the video, activity 1 which is a quiz and then the writing task.The video and quiz will support your learning about writing and planning a story. You can watch the video and attempt the quiz as many times as you like.


Task 1 - Watch the video. Stop and start it as you wish. You can even make notes to refer to whilst you are completing the written task.


Task 2 - Work your way through the activity quiz.


Task 3 - Complete the 'Rusty Key' planning sheet that is attached separately at the bottom of the page ( do not use the writing tasks that are on the same page as the video and quiz).


Task 4 - Use your plan and the support materials to complete your 'Rusty Key' adventure story. You may hand write your story, or if you prefer you can type it up.


Remember to email it to me once you've completed it.