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Friday 6th November

Good morning children welcome to our last day of home learning. Friday is always our calculation day so I have attached all of the calculations we would normally have on our board. Some of you will manage to do all 24 in the time you have some of you won’t but that is fine as long as you have worked hard.


At the bottom of the page you will see that I have also attached some time tables sheets these are like the ones we did before we broke up for half term and need to be timed. I would like you to choose one of the table sheets to complete and ask your grown up to time you for 2 minutes to see how many you can do. Once the 2 minutes is up, stop and mark your work to see how many you have got right. I want you to do at least one of the table sheets, but you can do more if you want to as long as you only give yourself 2 minutes.


For your calculation work, I have attached the sheet with all the normal questions on that we do and you can use the empty number line method to help you if you want to. I want you to work for half an hour and then stop. Ask your grown up to mark it for you and then have a go at your corrections. Remember you DO NOT have to do all of the questions STOP when you have worked for 30 minutes.


I have been very impressed with all the work I have seen and I am looking forward to you all coming back next Monday!


If you are able to submit the work to me once it is finished, then please send it to