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I look forward to marking your homework this week and seeing how well you managed to complete the task I set last week. This week your homework is on My Maths so you will not be bringing your homework book home with you.


Every week I would like you to practice your times tables focusing on your 10s and your 2s. Once you know those in and out of order and can answer questions quickly, move on to your 5s. Every Friday we have a times tables test and I only give you a count of 5 to think of the answer and write it down and this is how quickly I want you to practice answering questions at home.


This week I have set an activity where you are comparing numbers and finding the difference. The numbers you are dealing with are not high but I want to make sure you understand the language that goes with it. Finding the difference can sometimes seem a little tricky but it isn’t really. Remember, when you are completing the homework you need to press the Next button at the bottom of each slide and this will take you onto the next question. If you press the numbers down the slide, you will miss out on a lot of work. Remember you can complete the activity a number of times, so if you get a low score the first time you should have another go to improve.


This is the last homework before the half term holiday.


Mrs Corner