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Autumn term

If you have any concerns or worries, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Reception team via email or phone.

Your class teacher will phone you to discuss how your child has settled within the next few weeks.

Please be advised some of the activities planned below may not be able to happen if restrictions still apply.




2nd September 2021, Thursday - Staff Training Day

3rd September 2021, Friday - Staff Training Day

6th September 2021, Monday - School Closure Day

7th September 2021, Tuesday - First day of school

9th September 2021, Thursday - Children start full time

14th September 2021, Tuesday - RM Parents invited to speak to Mrs. Morris

15th September 2021, Wednesday - ROW Parents invited to speak to Mrs. Orlik

23rd September 2021, Thursday - RM Parents join their child for school dinner

24th September 2021, Friday - ROW Parents join their child for school dinner

TBA - Individual and Family Photographs

22nd October 2021, Friday - Autumn Term Charity Day

22nd October 2021, Friday - Break up for Half Term Holidays



1st November 2021, Monday - Return to School

10th November 2021, Wednesday - RM PACT Workshop

11th November 2021, Thursday - ROW PACT Workshop

26th November 2021, Friday - Christmas Fayre

5th December 2021, Sunday - St. Michael's Church Christingle Service

6th December 2021, Monday - School Christmas Postbox opens

9th December 2021, Thursday - Foundation Stage Nativity

16th December 2021, Thursday - Christmas Parties

17th December 2021, Friday - Break up for Christmas Holidays