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Tuesday 3rd November

Good morning children I hope you were able to complete the work yesterday without too many problems.


A big thank you to all those parents who submitted their child’s work to me. I am assuming even if you couldn’t send me your child’s work, there weren’t any significant problems as I haven’t heard anything to the contrary so far. Can I remind you that we will revisit this work later in the half term as a revision activity so it is important that your child completes it or you contact me directly if you have an issue.


Today we are continuing working with the bar models and our task is to find 4 takeaway sentences using the bar models that I have given you. You don’t need to draw your own just use the ones that are there to make your sentences. I have given an example in the file below of what to do so hopefully once you start you will be able to complete some of the work on your own.


Can I please ask that if possible any completed work is emailed to me on If you are unable to do this, please send your child’s work in when they come back to school. Thank you