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I am looking forward to marking your homework in your homework books to see how you well you ordered your numbers. This week your homework is on Education City again so your homework book will stay in school.


Every week I would like you to practice your times tables focusing on your 10s to begin with. Once you know those in and out of order and can answer questions quickly, move on to your 2s. Every Friday we have a times tables test and I only give you a count of 5 to think of the answer and write it down and this is how quickly I want you to practice answering questions at home.


This week we have been counting in different amounts and for homework I want you to practice counting in tens from any 2 digit number. You might need to count forwards and you might need to count backwards. There are 2 activities for you to complete. The first one is a learn screen and there will be questions to think about on that and then there will be a game for you to work through. Make sure you answer all of the questions and think carefully about which way to count.


If you didn’t complete the homework on Education City last time, please make sure you do this time as homework is an important part of your learning.


This will be the last homework before the half term holiday.


Mrs Corner