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Year 6 confirmation pupils,

Unfortunately, at this moment in time, it is difficult to say whether the Confirmation service will go ahead or not.

As the weeks go on, hopefully we will know more and if we do need to cancel it, we can look into rearranging it another time.

Therefore, each week I will update this page with the weekly tasks for pupils to look at and complete.

St Michael's Church website will have some information and links regarding prayers and worship.   Take care and stay safe! Mrs Birch


Week beginning: 30th March 2020

I hope you managed to find out about your baptism.  I wish we could have shared that information together.  This week there are 2 units we are covering.


Unit 7 The Bible 

Find out how many different versions of the Bible there have been.  For examples, there is the Good News Bible and the Revised Standard Version, but how many others are there? What language was the Bible first written in? Use the internet.
Look at a Bible story you know well in two different translations of the Bible, e.g. Genesis chapter 1 verse 1-5 (the creation of the world) or, Luke chapter 2 verses 1-7 (the birth of Jesus). Are they different? Is one easier to understand? Decide which you prefer.

Read through the thinking it through section.


Unit 8 Prayer

Carry out a study into the prayer habits of 2 or 3 people. Be careful you don’t terrify them! Ask them the following questions.
1.    Do you think prayer is important?
2.    Do you pray regularly or occasionally?
3.a If you pray regularly, when is that?
     3. b If you pray occasionally, when is that?
4.    Do you use a Prayer Calendar or set prayers?
5.    How much is the prayer time about yourself?
6.    Do you ever day ‘arrow’ or emergency prayers?
7.    Do you say grace at meals?
8.    Do you teach your children to pray?
9.    How much listening do you do in your prayers?
10.    How often do you forget to pray?


Read through the thinking it through section.


Make up mime or movement to go with Lord’s Prayer 


Prayer time

This week, you may want to pray for the UK and other countries around the world who are fighting Coronavirus.  You may also like to base your prayers around the worship theme which is Holy Week.

Have a good week.