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Morning all, it's the end of the second week of home learning.  

Today's task:

It's independent writing day so you will need your red Writing book. Show off your very best handwriting to your grown up! I'll be marking your work when we are back at school.

On the next clean page write today's date: Friday 3rd April, 2020.

Then the learning objective on the next line: L.O: To write an acrostic poem about Easter.

Underline these neatly with a ruler.

Write an acrostic poem about Easter, you may want to Google some ideas again. Helpers, there is an excellent guide on Year 3 poetry on Twinkl to help plus many other resources:

Remember to start each sentence with the letters of EASTER and to leave a line each time you start a new sentence. Each sentence should end with the correct punctuation ( , . ! ? ). 

When you have finished, read your work and correct any mistakes, then get your adult to read it too. Best handwriting only please!

Extension: Draw a border of Easter eggs at the bottom of your poem and colour them in with pencil crayons.

Today's joke:

What kind of stories do rabbits like best?

Ones with hoppy endings! laugh


There will be no home learning tasks over the next two weeks as it's the Easter holiday. However, I still want you to read every week day to an adult for 10 minutes and record it on the holiday page in your link book.

Happy Easter to you and your family. Stay safe and well! Don't eat too much chocolate (save some for Mrs Lloyd wink)     


Mrs Lloyd's poem:


Eggs in colourful foil wrappings,

Anticipation of the chocolate treat within,

Sizzling in the oven the Easter feast, 

Tantalizing the nose with delicious aromas,

Everyone gathered at the adorned table,

Ready to celebrate God's special day.