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It's the last day of term!  Are you ready for the Easter holidays?!


As well as Joe Wicks and Oti Mabuse, remember cosmic kids yoga is a really good way to relax!


Here is your final joke of the week:

Why are snakes the best librarians?

They are good at saying "SSSS"!


Friday 03.04.20


We hope you're all staying safe and well. We also wanted to wish you all a lovely Easter. For the final task this week we have found an animation of The Easter Story to watch, please see the link below.



We have also got some Easter tasks for you to complete with your helper. Choose at least 2 activities from 4 in your Homework Books:

  • Draw or paint an Easter picture- you could draw some Easter eggs, flowers, chicks or even the Easter Bunny!
  • Try and make a model basket to hold some Easter treats! You could use an empty cardboard box and decorate it with paints or colourful Easter pictures.
  • If there are 5 eggs in a basket and 2 eggs get eaten, how many would be left in the basket? You could use your fingers or draw a picture to help you.
  • You could make up your own Easter sums with your helper.



Optional: Remember the games on these links:



Well done for all your amazing work this term. Have a well deserved Easter break!


Remember to keep trying some of these additional daily activities:


* Do some counting, see how high you can count!

* Sharing a book with your helper at home.