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Friday 3rd July


Thought of the day.

"We all dance when we find the music we love!"


It is FriYAY! so it is 'Friday Dance Day' again.  Don't forget to do a dance to celebrate it is the weekend! 



A joke to start:

Do you want you hear the joke about the hoover? Forget it..... it sucks! laugh by Louis in Year 6


Task 1

Today is calculation day!

I have set you  30  questions to do  in 35 minutes.

Remember if you finish before the time is up, go back and check your work.


  • You have done the correct calculation
  • You have copied the numbers correctly
  • Your work is accurate
  • You haven't missed any questions out
  • You have used the correct method to work out your answers


Task 2

This week has been a times table week - well done!

Today I want you to have a go at playing the different games.

Spend 20 mins playing the games of your choice.

The games may start with easier questions but you have to level up!

Try the link

Happy Weekend everyone!

Calculation week 9