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Friday 27th March 2020



20.35 Friday - 5L are winning, but not by much! 

Star performers are Harvey from 5L and Dylan from 5J - Well done boys!

Come on everyone else, make your class win!



‘It's fabulous Fridaaaaaaaaay!’


Hi everyone. I hope you are all safe and well, trying hard with your learning and helping your grown-ups where you can.


It’s time for your favourite part of the day- my amazingly funny jokes!

Why should you worry if Mr Jones is holding graph paper?

Because he’s plotting something! 🤣🤣🤣


Today's task is a Science and Literacy combination as Mrs Leach and I would like you to create a fact file about a scientist who created one of the new materials that many of us now take for granted. 


Today's Task: Using the sheet below create a fact file about a scientist of your choice and their new material. You may choose to do one of the scientists on the sheet provided or research one of your own. Presentation of your fact file is entirely up to you, but you can use the sheet to help you come up with some possibilities. 


Happy researching!


Your second task is to complete at least one of the time questions below. Let's see what you can do!


  1. Ellie takes the train to Edinburgh.  She sets off at 09:25 in the morning and arrives at 09:47.  How long was her journey?
  2. Ben travels on a coach to Manchester.  His coach sets off at 08:19.  The journey is 1 hour 23 minutes long.   At what time did he arrive?


And finally, you have a TT Rockstars battle!  Your battle is against the other year 5 class (5J v 5L) and will end on Sunday night. Who will be victorious? Good luck and enjoy the tasks and your weekend. 

Stay safe children!


Science Task Sheet