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Friday 3rd July 2020


Hi everyone, how has my spelling/typing been this week? Hasn't it been an odd weather week? Some days were quite miserable but others were quite nice. Here's a picture of Millie sunbathing - she refused to look at the camera!


Here's a giggle for you:




Today's maths is an arithmetic test, it is out of a possible 32 marks and should take about 30 minutes (if it takes a little longer don't worry). Keep a look out for the 2-mark questions. We haven't done one for a little while so lets see how you get on! The test is in two formats at the bottom of the page. The first one is a copy that I have typed out on one page to make it easier for those of you without a  printer. The second is the test set out as it would normally be (this one also includes the answers).

After you have completed the test, mark it using the answer sheet and see how you did. I suspect the fraction questions will be the trickiest, especially number 23 but let's see how you do.


TT Rockstars

Today is your last day to do your TT Rockstars. Well done to those who have completed it!


Have a lovely weekend and I'll speak to you next week!