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Friday 3rd July, 2020


Hello everyone! It's another Friday already! I feel this week went by very quickly.  


Your tasks for today are…


1) Read for at least 10 minutes to an adult. You can read a reading for pleasure book or a book from the eBook Library. 


2) We are going to do some more work on the past and present tense. Open the PDF called 'Holidays - Past and Present' and complete the activity. If you can't print off the sheet, just complete the activity in your red book. 

Once you have finished the activity, open the PDF called 'Holidays - Past and Present Answers' and mark your work. 

3) Open the PDF called 'Spelling Mistakes' and see if you can spell the Year 2 Common Exception Words correctly. Write the answers in your red book. Once you have finished, mark your work by opening the PDF called 'Spelling Answers'. If you get any spellings wrong, try to learn the correct spelling. 

I hope you all have a lovely Friday and a great weekend.


Mrs Moore