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Hey! Fun Friday is back again. laughyeslaugh


Today we are going to be looking at the work of a famous scientist. Over the next few weeks we will visit the findings of quite a few scientists, some of them you will have heard of and some maybe not.


Today's lesson is about a scientist whom I am sure you will have heard of but I'm not going to tell you his name as the first slide asks you to guess by his picture!


Task 1

The slides and worksheet is attached to the bottom of this page and will ask you to produce a detailed and labelld diagram to explain one of the laws (all will become clear when you see the slides).


If you prefer, you can choose to make a model to represent on of the laws instead of a diagram. 


Task 2

Can you demonstrate how one of the laws work? Can you try to practice one of the laws and get a picture of it to send to me? I'd love to see how you can try and show me evidence of how the laws work (you know I like to shout 'PROVE IT').


When you have finished, Miss Leach and I would like to see your results. Please send us a picture of how you've completed the task and your findings. It would be great to see your models too!


Have fun with your science and enjoy your weekend!