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It's the last day of term!  Are you ready for the Easter holidays?!


As well as Joe Wicks and Oti Mabuse, remember cosmic kids yoga is a really good way to relax!


Here is your final joke of the week:

Why are snakes the best librarians?

They are good at saying "SSSS"!


Friday 03.04.20


We hope you're all staying safe and well. We also wanted to wish you all a lovely Easter. For the final task this week we have found an animation of The Easter Story to watch, please see the link below.

Please find below some lovely activities to complete based on The Easter Story, to do in your Homework Books.


1. What special name is given to the day Jesus died?

2.What was used to close 'Jesus' tomb?

3. What did the figure in white say to Mary and her friends?

4. Who did Mary see whilst she was crying?

5. What do Christians like to remember at Easter?


To find out more about The Story of Easter, what questions would you ask?

Draw a big question mark on your piece of paper or in your Homework book. Try and think of 5 questions about the story and put them around the question mark. 


Optional: Remember to have a go at the games on these links:


Optional:  Can you read another 5 of the red words that were sent home.


Remember to take a look at this site for a free eBook library:


Remember to keep trying some of these additional daily activities:


* Draw and colour some of the characters from the story.

* Count in 10s to 100, what is 1 more or less than different numbers.

* Continue to keep telling the time, especially o'clock and half past times on an analogue clock.

*Remember to share a book with your helper.


Well done for all your amazing work this term, have a well deserved Easter break.