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Welcome to Sharktastic Friday!!!


 Friday 21st May 2020    

Music Express-Under the Sea




                         Only Joking                           

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Turner who?

Turner round there’s a pirate behind you!



Marvellous Maths -

When you subtract with a pirate!


Lively Literacy 

RML practise -  This will help with your writing today!   



Watch Shark in the Park story again to refresh your memories.

 Now get ready to tell your helper about the story using a story map. Watch the YouTube clip to understand more!                                                                             



Optional Activities - Shark Lady story  - Meet the Sharks - Shawn loves Sharks! -Clark the Shark read by Chris Pine






This week we are focusing on our Mental Health. The theme we will be focusing on is Kindness.





Try some of things to express your kindness to people and the world around you.



Let's do some art!!!

Shiny Fish

Then wrap your fish in foil .  You can tear the foil a little, and fold and scrunch it, to get it to fit your fish shape.

Once your fish is covered in the foil it’s then time to add your design. You can use paint, oil pastel crayons or permanent markers.

You can make any design you like. You might choose recreate the patterns of a real fish, or create one from your imagination. Swirls, stripes, scales – anything goes.

If you want to hang your fish as a mobile, apply a design to both sides.


This is our last activity of this term but we have enjoyed sending our lessons and activities to you so much that we want to send you something a little special to help you get to sleep at night.So make sure you look out for some bedtime stories from some of our favourite books.


We miss you lots and lots!heart