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Friday 10th July


We are giving PE a rest this week.


We are nearly at the end of the school year now and if we were in school we would be thinking about your move to your new classes.


Part of preparing for your new classes is telling your new teacher some information about yourself so they know a bit about you before you arrive in their class.


We would like you to complete an activity introducing yourself to your new teachers


You can choose how you would like to introduce yourself.  You could write a letter, use one of the template worksheets provided (at the bottom of the page), make your own poster, write an email, make a video to tell use about yourself.


Make sure you include details about you, your family, friends, what you like and dislike, what you think about school, what you might be worried about and any other interesting things about yourself.


This work will not be uploaded to the gallery but we would like you to send it in to us so we can pass it onto your new teachers.  Please send your work to