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Friday 22nd May

Hi Year 6!


Welcome to our last online lesson before the half term holiday. Well done for all your hard work at home since school had to close - I've been really impressed with all your efforts, and I know I'm not alone in thinking this.


First of all, here are the answers to yesterday's questions:


1) 9 red sweets


2) 9 cats


3) 33p


4) 95 spectators


5) 148cm


6) £167


7) 117 marks


8) 128 lbs


For today's lesson, a little bit more thinking about the idea of mean averages which we learned about yesterday, and a new idea about list of numbers called the "mode". Here's a video to tell you about it:

Mean and mode

Still image for this video

Now, you can log into My Maths and have a go at the activities I've put on there for you to do.


Good luck, and have a great half term holiday. Hope to see you all soon!


Thanks for doing this lesson.


Mr M.