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Hello children and happy Friday

Friday 22nd May

This week we are looking at Computing and staying safe on line


Log onto Education City

There are several tasks for you to work through. The first one is about staying safe when gaming online. The second one is about keeping your computer free from bugs. The third task looks at how to be kind to each other online.


Also children there is a competition you might like to take part in with your family.

The Group category is open to young people aged 3-18 and you can also work with the adults around you too.

The challenge is to create a 2 minute film in response to the theme:

We want an internet where we're free to...

Completed films need to be complete and sent by 5pm on Monday 22nd June 2020.

Have a look on the website it gives you lots of ideas how to make your 2 minute film.

Let me know if you need any help


Have a great half term


Hope to see you soonlaugh


Mrs Hitchon