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Friday 23rd October

Hi Year 6!


Welcome to the last lesson of the week, and the last lesson before half term. A nice easy finish today - we're just going to turn yesterday's learning objective back-to-front. Instead of starting with improper fractions, and turning them into mixed numbers, today we're going to start with mixed numbers and make them into improper fractions. This is a useful skill for some types of calculation work which we'll be doing when we're back in school after half term. The teaching video is just me today and a little bit shorter. Here it is:

Y6 Maths: changing mixed numbers to improper fractions

You can have a go at the worksheet now. You need to complete at least one column, but you can do both if you'd like to, and then there is some reasoning work to try too - this is optional. Here's the worksheet:

You can email me your work as usual. Good luck, thanks for doing this lesson, and have a great half term break!


Mr M