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Friday 1st May

Hi Year 6!


Well done for your work on circles. I'm very pleased with what you have achieved, especially when you consider that yesterday's work was really Year 7 work. One last remaining piece of work relating to circles now, and I've tried to make it a little more fun this time!


We're going to do some work on rotational symmetry. First of all, here is a link to a web page which you can read to tell you what rotational symmetry is:

If we were at school, we would do some rotational symmetry patterns using pencil, paper and colours, like this one:

A rotationally symmetrical pattern

That's a little bit hard to do at home. But there is a really good online tool that you can use to create some rotationally symmetrical patterns. You'll find it here:



You can play on this website and see what you can create, but here are a few hints:


1) Make sure that you have one of the rotational symmetry buttons selected. Here they are on the toolbar:

Symmetry artist toolbar

2) When you have a design that you like, you can click on the save button to save it. However, to complete the save, you'll then need to right click and choose the "save as image" option.


3) You can also print your pattern if you have a printer.


Please do send me some of your patterns. You can either send your pattern as an image file if you've saved it on your device, or you could take a picture of it if you've printed it.


Send them to:


I'm looking forward to seeing your patterns!


Thank you for doing this lesson, and have a good weekend. Mr M.