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Friday 15th May

Hi Year 6!


Welcome to your last lesson on line graphs. Today you will construct your own line graph, in the same way as you made a bar chart, using an online tool. There are two stages to this - first collecting the data, and then drawing the graph. We are going to use football data again, as we did before.


Here is a video showing you how to collect the data:

Collecting data for your line graph

Still image for this video
Here are the files with the results for different teams. You only need to pick one to do your data collection:
Now watch this video to see how to use your results to make your line graph:

Drawing your line graph

Still image for this video

Here is the link to the online graph tool I used in the video:


When you've finished I'd be delighted to see your graph. Send it to me at the usual email address:


Good luck, thank you for doing this lesson, and enjoy your weekend.


Mr M.