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Hi everyone and welcome to Friday! Your first task is to mark the arithmetic questions from yesterday (questions 4,5,6 and 10 should have been divide symbols) - good luck!

1. 67 x 8 = 536

2. 388 = 63 + 325

3. 538 x 9 =4842

4. 15 ÷ 1 =15

5. 100 ÷ 10 =10

6. 39 ÷ 10 =3.9

7. 136 + 124 + 91 =351

8. 1/4 of 40 =10

9. 9/10 of 100 =90

10. 3 ÷ 10 =0.3


How did you get on? Hopefully you managed O.K with the questions every day. Thanks to those children that have emailed me their work this week and to those that haven't, remember to bring it in with you for me to look at when we return next week.


Today you need to complete an arithmetic test paper. Again, if you can't print it, just write out the questions and complete them on a sheet of paper. The test is attached to the bottom of this page.


Now, I need to be able to trust that you will do the right thing because there is an answer sheet at the back of the test paper. As you know, there is no point in looking at the answer sheet first as you won't benefit from getting them all correct if you don't actually know how to complete a question - just try your best and then mark your work.


Good luck, try your best and remember to use the skills that you have been taught - like circling the operation before you answer a question! 

Have a lovely weekend and remember to stay safe.