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Morning guys, thank you and well done to all of you that handed your work in to me yesterday, there were some fantastic examples of you using your expanded noun phrases and prepositional phrases. Today we are going to focus on writing again just as we would do in school, and once again you're going on an adventure.yesRemember all tasks must be completed please and handed in just like they would be if we were together in the classroom.smiley


Remember any issues that you may have with the learning please email me on the address below and I will help you, otherwise send it to me once you've completed it.



Ok, here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - Daily task.


Spend 15 minutes reading  your school reading book. ( if you have finished this choose a reading for pleasure book from home)


Using the guided reading questions below, spend 10 minutes with your adult discussing what you've understood from your reading.


Task 2 



Look in your group star for today's work.



Good luck with your writing today and don't forget to email me with your work .yesRemember, any questions you may have about the work I will answer as soon as I can. 


Mrs Leach

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