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Hi everyone and welcome to your last Foundation lesson of the week - Science! This term we will be looking at living things, life cycles and reproduction in plants.  In today's lesson you will learn about plant reproduction and also identify some plant parts. 

did you know that a plant has male and female parts? well today you will discover what they are called and how they work.


I have attached a link below to a video lesson that you need to watch as well as a slide show that goes over the learning in a slightly different way. Watch the video and work through the slides to help you answer and complete the work sheet attached at the bottom. 



To complete either worksheet 1A, 1B or 1C after watching the video and working through the slide show.


Remember to email the work to myself or Mrs Leach, or bring it in to school next week.


You can access the video presentation here:


Have a fantastic weekend and remember to stay safe.