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Good Morning Year 1! Well done to everyone! You have worked so hard over the last few weeks.  You should be very proud of yourselves.  Your grown ups have also done an amazing job too! Thank you.

To finish the week, today we are completing a times table test and some calculation work.


A joke for Friday.

Why did the girl put her cake in the freezer?

She wanted to ice it!


Here are today's tasks.

1. In the back of your blue maths book write the date and the questions numbers 1 to 10.  Ask your grown up to ask you 5 questions from the 2 times table and 5 questions from the 10 times table out of order.  Just write the answer and remember one number in each square.  Ask your adult to mark them and see how many you got right.

If you still need more practice with mixing up the tables, ask your grown up to test you either on the 10 times table or the 2 times table.


2. Today's Maths work is calculation and we are practising our addition and subtraction skills.

Complete pages 28 - 31 in your Maths CPG workbook.  The work is about addition and subtraction.

I have included a number line at the bottom of this page if you need it to help you.


3. (Optional) I have provided an additional sheet with some addition and subtraction sums.  You can either print it off and complete it or copy the questions into your maths book.


Have a brilliant day and stay safe!  Have a lovely weekend and half term. laugh  Hope to see you soon.

There will be no home learning work set over half term.

Mrs Birch

P.S. If you need to contact me, please use the email address below.