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Good Morning Year 1! Great work again this week.  Thank you grown ups for all your hard work too. We have made it to the Easter holidays! 

Friday 3rd April 2020


A joke for Friday.

What do you get when you pour hot water into a rabbit hole?

Hot cross bunnies! 


Here are today's tasks.

1. In the back of your blue maths book write the date and the questions numbers 1 to 13.  Ask your grown up to ask you the 10 times table questions out of order.  Just write the answer and remember one number in each square.  Ask your adult to mark them and see how many you got right.

On the topmarks website play 'Hit the Button' and practice the 2 times table.

2. Today's maths work is practising addition sums.  I have attached some addition sums at the bottom of the page and some number lines to use.  Choose 10 of the sums and write them out in the back of your blue maths book.  

3. (Optional) Look at  the maths games on the Topmarks website and play Mental Maths Train! 


Have a great day and stay safe! There is no maths work set for over the Easter holidays as you have worked so well already.  Have a restful Easter laugh

Mrs Birch

P.S. If you want to email me with some of the activities you have done or are going to do over the Easter holidays please feel free.  It would be lovely to be in contact with you.  I will try my best to reply.