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Good Morning Year 4 and happy Friday! 


Well done and thank you for all your hard work this week. 


L.O: To write a descriptive free verse or acrsotic poem.


Using your word mat created yesterday, I would like you to have a go at writing your own poem describing the appearance, personality and actions of Boudicca the Warrior Queen. 


You can choose to write a free verse poem or an acrostic poem. Remember to include powerful adjectives, verbs, adverbs and similes in your poem. You could then read and perform your poem aloud to your family.  


I have attached an example of an acrostic poem and a free verse poem for you to read first and it will give you some ideas if you are stuck. I have also attached a writing sheet for you to print off or you can complete it on paper. I would like these to go into your writing books so please try your very best with handwriting and spelling. You will need to keep them safe and bring them into school on your return.


I am really looking forward to reading your poems. Please take a photograph of your work and email it to me so I can give you any help you need.


My email address is


Have a relaxing half-term.


Mrs Milbourne smiley