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Good Morning Year 1


You got there its Friday!! You have worked so hard I'm giving you the next two weeks off.laugh

here is my joke for today

Q. What do you call a rabbit with the sniffles?
A. A runny bunny.

Thank you adults for your support. I'm not setting any home learning over the Easter holidays but I still want you to read for at least 10 minutes each day. Here is my email if you want to send me any work to look at. I would love to hear from you.


Here are your tasks for today

Log in to the Oxford Owl site

Go to My class login, here is what you need to type in



Click ebooks

Choose age group 5-6

On that page you will see the reading books we use in our literacy lesson. Your child should know which colour book they are on, if not please email me.

Choose the first book in your colour and open the book. Read your speedy greens first and then the red words. Then read the book and answer the questions at the back. Ask your adult to read it to you with lots of expression.

Red book - Under the date and LO you did yesterday

I want you to write a diary about your time at home. I want you to use time words such as:

First, next, after that, secondly, finally,eventually, at that moment, soon after that. Remember to spell it correctly.

Adjectives - include lots of fabulous adjectives in your work. Here is a waggle - what a good one looks like

Today was different, I woke up at my usual time but there was no school!! I was snuggled in my big,cosy bed with my purple and white stripy quilt.


Have fun with it!! You can email me your work for me to look at


Have a fantastic Easter, I hope the Easter bunny comes to you


Mrs Hitchon


I am looking forward to hearing from you

Good morning

Happy Friday!!

Joke of the day

How do you make a box lighter?

Put a hole in it 🤣

work in your phonics book - turn to page 34/35. Writing tricky (red)words. Name the letters and write them in the boxes.

Look at you spellings that were set yesterday. Use look, cover, write, check and fill in the first column 1st try. Then, can you put each spelling into a sentence. 
Read a book for pleasure to your adult. Tell them the best bit about the book. Now look around and find 10 nouns and then use an adjective(a describing word) about each noun.

Have a lovely and safe weekend. Remember I will ask you to write a diary entry soon so I hope you are making notes about you first week of home learning 


MRS Hitchon :-)