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Friday 3rd July

Another week done Year 3, we are nearly at the end of the term.


Can you work out today's picture riddle?



During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;

Play at least 10 games (10 minutes) on Arena setting using Times tables Rock stars


Calculation Friday.  This week I would like you to have a go at all 30 questions again based on a range of the calculation skills if you can. You can write your answers in your Maths book. 


Aim to answer the questions in around 45 minute or less.  If after this amount of time you have not finished all questions you can stop.


The answers to the questions are at the bottom of this page—mark your answers when you have finished and double check any that are not quite right.

Telling the time and time related facts.

Use this clock to position the hands in the correct place for the following times.



10 minutes past 5 in the morning


Shape questions.

How many sides does an Octagon have?

How many vertices does a cone have?



Picture quote of the day.





Maths games

Try these Maths games. (Optional)



Picture riddle clue


Calculation Answers