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Week Seven – Day five – Friday 22nd May


Thank Crunchie it’s Friday!


I wonder how easy/difficult you found choosing your 3 questions yesterday?  It’s as if a genie told you that you only have 3 wishes!

Well before I explain further what you need to do with those questions, first you must:

  1. Complete this week’s spelling test (same routine as usual).
  2. Read aloud for ten minutes minimum. Look online for a text to read if it is easier.  
  3. Now over to yesterday’s questions. I would like you either write a letter or email to your new secondary school. By now some of you may know who your form tutor will be and can address it to them. If not, simply address it to Head of Year Seven. Remember to think about your audience which will help you to understand the formality of the task (no contractions!). Structure the text as follows:
  • Date
  • Dear…
  • Introduction (explain why you are writing)
  • Paragraph about yourself (make it interesting. They don’t need to know your hair and eye colour!)
  • Paragraph detailing your questions.
  • Conclusion (thank them for taking the time to read your letter/email and maybe emphasise how much you are looking forward to seeing them in September).
  • If you word process the tasks and email to me, I can ensure they are forwarded to your secondary school.
  • If you choose to handwrite, that’s fine but remember perfect presentation and maybe you could send me a photograph of the finished letter.
  • Whichever way you choose to complete the work, this is possibly the first impression your new teachers will have of you so make it good!
  • Please ensure that I receive all work by Tuesday 26th at the latest to:


Have a wonderful Whitsun holiday, keep safe and I hope to see you all as soon as possible.


Mrs Beddard