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Year 4 Maths Homework - 20.11.20


Counting Activity

Times Tables Rock Stars

This week is different. 

You need to play on Sound Check without any help. (6 games)

This is going to help me assess how you are getting on and how I can help you. 

I will let Mom and Dad know too so they can also help you.

You have worked hard in school at your times tables so just do your best!!

Good Luck!



Main Activity

This week you are doing a calculation test at home to practice for your calculation test on Monday.

It would help if you could complete this homework before Monday.

You have 35 minutes to do the questions. 

After 35 minutes, stop and mark it with an adult. 

Ask Mom or Dad to time you.

Do any corrections. Ask an adult to help you work out where you went wrong so you do

 not make that mistake again. 




Challenge Activity

None this week as there is extra TTRS and Calculation work is 35 minutes.

Calculation Sheet 1