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Message from our Head Boy and Girl

A Message to Year Five Pupils

From Head Boy (Louie M) and Head Girl (Lola A).


Dear Year Five, 
When we were in year five, we looked up to the year sixes and then before we knew it, we WERE the year sixes! This will soon be you, so we just wanted to tell you a bit about what it’s like to be in the last year of primary school.

There are lots of good things about being in year six. For a start, you get given lots more responsibility, like helping with Nursery and Reception at lunchtimes and working in the school shop. There’s also the possibility of becoming a School Captain, or Head Boy and Head Girl, which is very exciting! But don’t worry if you don’t get this opportunity, try not to be down because eventually you will get your own special job. There is a role for each and everyone in year six.

There are lots of trips too and as you may already know, you get to go on a fantastic trip to London! There are so many exciting activities planned for you and we hope you enjoy your time in year six as much as we have done. 

There’s just a few bits of advice we’d like to share with you and that is to always try to set a good example for the rest of the school by doing your best. Also, remember to always be kind and to help the younger years whenever you can. 

So to summarise, we have had a brilliant time in year six and we hope that you make the most of the exciting times that lie ahead for you as you enter your last year at St Michael’s. Oh and by the way, it’s pretty cool being the oldest in the whole school too!

Finally, have fun and enjoy every moment of year six with your friends and the wonderful teachers you will have. This is your time to make some memories that will last forever!
Good luck, from Louie M and Lola A.