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Day 60-Leach’s Log


‘Here we go again.’


Hi guys, day 60 of Home Learning can you believe it? We're heading in to the final two weeks of Year 5 at Home School!  I hope that you and your family stayed safe during the weekend and managed to dodge the showers again. Once again, I've seen some fantastic examples of your work this week, so keep it up and don't forget to keep emailing those pictures.smiley



Today’s Literacy tasks require the resources attached to the bottom of the page entitled 'These are the hands' so don't forget to open that first.


Task 1:Read a poem
• Read These are the hands by Michael Rosen. Read it twice – once in your head and once out loud. What rhythm can you find as you read?
• Watch Michael Rosen reading the poem:
What did you notice about the poem from this performance?


Task 2:Highlight verbs and nouns
• Highlight the verbs and nouns that are used in the poem.
• Which have been hidden from Verb and Noun list? Write them in.


Task 3:Now for some writing
• Think of other people who have helped during this time.
• Complete Professions – Nouns and Verbs, thinking of nouns and verbs to do with three other groups of people.
• Try turning your ideas into a poem. You can begin each verse with ‘These are the hands…’ (or you could think of eyes or feet or faces…)
• Try to give your poem rhythm and perhaps rhyme too.


New Weekly Tasksenlightened


1. Daily reading: Please make sure you are reading aloud every day. 


2: Spellings: I will be attaching this weeks spellings at the bottom of the page. Please do a Look, Cover, Write and Check each day and get someone to test you on Friday.


Good luck with today’s learning.Keep working hard and keep smiling.smiley


Here are today's clues:



 Great Barrier Reef

Worried Dad



Blue Tang



Twilight Towers



World War II












These are the hands