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Monday 6th July 

Thought of the day.

"Always think carefully before you speak!"


Hi Kids,

Here we are - week 6! the last week before the final week of term.

A BIG MASSIVE TREMENDOUS well done on taking part in the TTRS assessment last week! You made me very proud.  

I hope you enjoyed last week's work on data tranlation.  Another of my favourite subjects to teach in maths and I missed not having you in school.


Let's see what this week is all about!!!



Please still send photos of any work to Mrs Jennings or Mrs De Waele and they will make sure they put it on the gallery page.



(A joke to start: Why did the horse cross the road? He wanted to see hos 'neigh'bours.

By Evie in Year 6


Lets get going and smash today's maths tasks!


During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;

Mark you calculation work you completed Friday. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

if you have made a mistake.... try and find out why you made a mistake. Write in green pen the mistake you made.

Task 1

This week is all about problem solving so you will be completing problem solving activities on Education City.

Some days will be more challenging than others. But be resilient as you can do this!

Be positive!


You will need your blue maths book and a pencil to help with jottings. 

The first task is "Aisle Pay!"

This is based on multiplication and you may need to do short multiplication.

Don't forget your decimal point when answering your question in pounds. 

This is tablet friendly.


Task 2

Again this on Education City

This time it is a little harder.

The problems might include two steps as you need to find change from a given amount.

For example  - you may need to do an addition and then do a subtraction to find the answer.

Make sure you use the column method. 

Even if you do it in your head, please check using the column method.

This is tablet friendly!



Good Luck!



Calculation Answers Sheet 9