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Monday 30th March 2020


Hi year 5 and welcome to your second week of home learning!  Hopefully you have been successful last week and have managed to work your way through any difficult patches. If you remember to use the tools in your toolbox you should manage to find an answer!  Remember to mark your work with your grown up after you have competed it.

Before we start- here's the best part of the day- my joke!

How did Mr Jones get to school when his car broke down?

He took the rhom-BUS!!!!!!!


When you've finished laughing we can move on!


This week I would like you to choose one area where you find maths difficult and spend at least 20 minutes on a game per day in Topmarks. By now you should be experts in using the website but if not, google Topmarks and type the area you want to work on in your web browser:

E.g. Google 'Topmarks rounding' if you want to work on rounding related problems.  Over the next week you can spend as much time on these areas as you like - as long as your grown up doesn't mind.


Today  I would like you to work on pages 30 and 31 of your CGP maths book, completing all questions on BOTH pages.


Optional - Complete another of the maths sheets you were given or practice a times table you find really difficult.  Why not time yourself to see how quickly you can complete it and then try to beat your time?


Remember to stay safe and make sure you are doing some kind of PE activity - Cosmic Yoga might be a nice choice for a Monday. laughlaughlaugh

Well done to everyone who joined in the battle over the weekend!