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Good morning Year 6 Scientists and welcome to a new week. 


We are going to move onto a new topic all about light.  The first thing I would like you to do is to put the following in your Science books:


18th May 2020



Learning Objective:

To review understanding of light and shadow and to explore how

light travels.



Next, complete a mind map with as much as you know about how we see things.  I have started you off with a couple of ideas. Only spend a few minutes on this.



Now, read through the PowerPoint below called Seeing Light.  Slide 7 asks you to draw the shadow.  I’m sorry but I was unable to remove this slide so please ignore it as you won’t be able to draw on the slide.


Underneath your mind map, complete the following writing.  The missing words are below but please only use each one once.



Light always come from a ___________ and travels in a _____________ line. Our major natural light source is the _______. Some objects look as though they are producing light but really they are just ______________ the sun’s light. The _________ is not a light source but it reflects the sun’s

light so it looks as though it is glowing. If something ___________ the light’s path, a __________ is formed. Shadows are ________ because the object does not allow the ________ to travel through it.



light             source          shadow         blocks           reflecting    straight        moon            dark             sun



Finally, do some experimenting with a torch and various objects.  If you can find transparent, translucent and opaque objects that will be even better.  See what happens when you place the object in front of an A4 piece of paper and shine your torch at it from various angles.  What effect does the light have on the shadows and the different materials.  Write your findings in your books.


Have fun J