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Hi everyone, just a quick note, in tomorrow's Geography lesson you will be making your own 'tornado'. For this you will need two empty fizzy drinks bottles (preferably 2 litre ones) and some tape to stick them together, (duct tape is best).


Today we will be having our final lesson looking at athletic skills. Today you will learn about lots of throwing events. You have a powerpoint to work through first to learn about the techniqes used including how to hold the different pieces of equipment. Obviously you won't have all the equipement so if you have anything you can use, please use it. But beware, only throw items that you have permission to use and only throw them in a place that is safe. For instance, if you have a bean bag or a tennis ball, you could use that for your item, just think about how you might throw it for the different events. 



Using the PowerPoint as a guide, first do a warm up and then work through it and practice your stance (how to stand correctly for throwing the different pieces of equipment). Next, attempt to throw your item like at least one of the events describes. You could choose Javelin or shot put, discus or hammer - you choose! 

Now, have a go at throwing the item. Measure your distance and then repeat the process, trying to improve your distance. I would love to know if you can improve your score and even if you carry it on over the whole week to see if you get any better! 

When you finish remember to do a cool down.


Good luck and have fun. Miss Leach and I hope you enjoy it.yes