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Here is our first day of non-core learning this week and it is time to go back to Computing again. This week you're going to be designing a game.yes Try the game out with family and see how it works. Aftet the fantastic games you sent me for the maths game, I'm looking forward to seeing some brilliantly fun games! wink



My Amazing Game Activity.

Can you invent a game to play around the house and write out the rules (an algorithm). Play the game with your family - do the rules explain everything about how to play? Can you find any loop holes in the rules?


Algorithms can be rules as well as a sequence of instructions. The rules need to be precise and specific.


Finally, have great fun and take some pictures for the Home Learning page if you can.


Good luck, Miss Leach and I hope you enjoy it.yes



Our DT topic for this half term is to design and make some biscuits. This will start on Wednesday and for this lesson we would like you to taste test some biscuits. If you get chance to buy some biscuits before Wednesday this would be helpful for the lesson. Don't worry though if you don't get chance as I'm sure you have all eaten lots of biscuits before!! 🙂