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Monday, 13th July 2020


Hi children!smiley

Today we are going to work on putting events from Ancient Egypt in time order.


LO: To be able to arrange events from the past in chronological (time) order


In store today... Learn some new terms, read some slides, organise events in time order and watch a video.


Terms to understand

B.C: Before Christ (Before Jesus Christ was born)

A.D: Anno Domini (After Jesus was born)


Read this first...

  • We often use timelines in history to get an overview of when key events happened.
  • Today we are starting right back in time in the year 7,500 B.C. when the first settlers arrived in the Nile Valley.
  • We are then going to look at what happened across the whole period of the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation.


Activity One: Read the slides

Find out some of the main events that happened across the period of Ancient Egyptian civilisation.

Activity Two: Cut out the cards then put them in time order


  • Look at the dates of the events carefully. Start with 7500 B.C (this is the longest time ago from now) and put the cards in chronological order (in order of time – earliest first).
  • You can look back at the slides to help you


Tip: With BC dates, the higher the number, the longer ago the event happened.


Activity Three: Look at the answers and see if you were right (no peeking until you have finished!)

Challenge (Optional)

Find out more about how Ancient Egypt has impacted our lives today with National Geographic

An overview of Ancient Egypt and its Legacy

The Ancient Egyptian civilization, famous for its pyramids, pharaohs, mummies, and tombs, flourished for thousands of years. But what was its lasting impact?...

Have a great afternoon children! smiley