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Hi Reception, we hope you and your family are well and have had a fun weekend and you are ready for some more home learning.



Monday 30.3.20


Here is another fun joke to start off the week:

Why is Cinderella bad at football?  Because she keeps running away from the ball!!


Well done if you have been working out with Joe Wicks this morning, if you fancy a change this is a really fun workout you could try:



Please complete pages 9 and 10 of your workbook.

Ask your helper to go through it with you and correct anything you were unsure of.


Optional: Play some of the games on these sites:




We would like for you to research the lifecycle of a frog using the internet or Twinkl.  In your homework book draw some pictures of the different stages and try writing some labels, you could just write the initial sounds in the words or try sounding out all the different sounds you can hear.  Remember to use all the RML rhymes to help you to form the different letters.


Optional:  Take a look at this site:


Additional daily activities:

* Collect some stones from you garden and paint them, can you paint a ladybird or bumble bee?

* If the sun is out have a go at some shadow drawing.

* Read a book of your choice with your helper.

* Write a short sentence about the book you have read.

* Count in 10's to 100, what is 1 more or less thatn different numbers?


Keep up the hard work and stay safe! :-)