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Hi Reception!

Happy Monday! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend. It is the last week before half term! Not long to go, so keep up the good work!



Monday 18.5.20


Here is another fun joke to start off the week:

Why does nobody talk to the circle? Because there is no point!


Let’s Get Moving!


We love Sticky Kids at Reception! Today you can join in with a new Sticky Kids action song called ‘Wiggles and Jiggles’


Sticky kids-Wiggles and Jiggles.

Watch Molly Muddle from the Sticky Kids and join in with the actions Subscribe to our channel:




We would like you and your helper to follow instructions to make a 'Jam Sandwich'. Instructions are written for someone who needs to know how to do something. What are instructions for? Some examples are, recipes, game instructions, craft instructions or safety procedures.  You can choose from one of the three  worksheets below to help you set out instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. Can you write the instructions in your homework books or on a piece of paper? 



Here is Mrs Morris' Jam Sandwich- I put on lots of jam!





Can you write down instructions on 'How to Plant A Sunflower Seed'? We planted a sunflower seed together in school. 




What you do:'1.Fill the pot with soil to just below the top'      

                     '2. Add a little water to the soil'

                       '3. [Can you carry on the instructions?]'




   Rml set 1 speed sounds practice

   Rml set 2&3 speed sounds practise




We have been learning about measuring in school - the children were very good at putting two objects side by side and saying which one was longer and which one was shorter.

Your mission today is to make four worms out of playdough, paper or twigs and put them in order from shortest to longest. 


Please see the pictures below.






Can you find 6 different objects in your house to order from shortest to longest?

Have fun and take photos to share your work with Reception!



Optional Art


Your mission is to make a leaf character using leaves in the garden, or when you are on a daily walk. Take a photo of your name and share it with us. We can then display them on the online gallery.


Get creative and have fun! See ideas below.



Please see the link below to listen to the story 'Don't Call Me Sweet!'


Optional: Play some of the games on these sites:


Additional daily activities:


* Play the 'Fred Talk' game with your helper. Show them how we Fred Talk at school (sounding out words) For example p-a-n, sh-ee-p, f-i-sh, ch-ur-ch, sh-oo-k and g-oo-d?

* Can you teach your helper some set 2 sounds?

* Read a book of your choice with your helper.

* Can you see how many insects you can spot in your garden or on your daily walk?

* Go on a number hunt around the house or on your daily walk. Can you find all the numbers between 0-20?


Keep up the hard work and stay safe! :-)