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Monday, 1st June 2020

Design and Technology

Hi children,

This afternoon we’re going to start our new topic in DT which is to

Design and Build a Bridge.

We have decided to do plan two lessons for you in DT both this week and next week with the last lesson being on Monday 15th June. We know you are all super enthusiastic and once you get started you will want to carry on (and we also thought your mums and dads would like you to use up all those cardboard boxes you have been collecting!)


In store today... Learn all about bridges, spot different bridges in photos and draw your favourite bridge.


LO: To understand why we need bridges and to investigate a range of bridge structures

Activity One

Read the pdf file below to find out why we need bridges and about all the different types.

Activity Two

Look at the photos of bridges below and see if you can find any arch bridges, beam bridges, truss bridges and suspension bridges.

Activity Three

Pick your favourite bridge and draw it.


We would love to see your bridge drawings! Please take a photo and email them to us at

We need loads of new pictures to update our gallery!


...And coming up on Wednesday...

...It’s going to be fun...


We are going to be investigating how some shapes are stronger than others.

We know that all of you will have different equipment available to use at home so we have tried to use things that you might otherwise recycle or might have anyway.


There are 8 sets of materials here. You will need to do either 3 activities (or more if you like).


For each activity I have listed the materials you will need on Wednesday so you can start to get organised...


Activity 1 : Choose one of these (A, B, C or D)

A cardboard strips (e.g. old cereal packets) and paper fasteners or wire ties or pipe cleaners or garden twine or wool

B dried spaghetti (uncooked) and marshmallows

C cocktail sticks and jelly sweets or blutack or plasticine

D paper straws and pipe cleaners or wire ties


Activities 2 and 3: Choose 2 of these (A, B, C, D)

A two chairs, heavy books, ordinary paper/scrap paper and a pile of 1ps/2ps/5ps

B two chairs, heavy books, some newspaper and some masking tape/sellotape

C two chairs, strong cardboard perhaps from old packaging and a pile of quite heavy books

D Construction toys like lego or k’nex


So children ...  start to get organised and I’ll tell you more on Wednesday winksmiley