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Monday 18th May, 2020




This afternoon our focus is on art again and we are going to build on our shading skills from last week.


What I would like you to do is find a favourite toy or an object in your house that you think you could draw. Then I want you to sit in front of a window and look at the object carefully and draw exactly what you can see. Then I want you to think about how the light is making a shadow on the object and where those shadows are so that you can shade carefully in those areas. Remember the whole shape will not be covered with shading. There should also be a shadow of the object underneath it depending on which direction the light is falling on it.


I have left the youtube link at the bottom of the page for you to look back at especially when she draws a circle at the end and puts shading on to make the circle look like a sphere.




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easy drawing for kids,pumpkin drawing and shading in simple steps

this video teaches you how to draw pumpkin and color it ,kids will enjoy watching this video, this video helps for beginners,thanks for watching