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Hello Y1


Hope you have had a lovely weekend?

Thank you for all the hard work you have been doing on our History topic The Great Fire of London.


Let's do some more work on our topic.



Monday 18th May

L.O To understand how we know so much about the Great Fire of London.

1. Here is a portrait of Samuel Pepys.  Pepys is someone who saw (he was an eye witness) and wrote about the fire. Go onto BBC ‘Famous People’ Samuel Pepys. I have attached the link. Look at all the information and gather some facts about him.



2. Children to write down 3 facts about Samuel Pepys. I have attached a template for you to print off and write your facts on. There is a box at the bottom of the sheet for you to draw a picture. If you can not print off then just write up your facts in your science book.


Did you know?

Samuel Pepys wrote in code so that people could not read his diary. 3. I have set you a code to unlock. Good luck!!

Have fun and have a great day

Mrs Hitchon :-)


Samuel Pepys


Writing template