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Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April


Hello Year 6!

Welcome back to what would normally be the Summer Term. I hope you've had an enjoyable Easter break, and are ready for some more school learning now. We're going to start off with a bit more work on algebra. When we did this in class, we were a bit rushed because of the SATs - but there are no SATs now, so we can have a go in a bit more detail. First, I've done a short teaching video below which I'd like you to watch.

Algebraic expresssions

Still image for this video

After you have watched the teaching video, you can log into Education City, and have a go at the activities I've set for you on there.


There are four sections. I'd like all of you to do the first two activities. The third is a worksheet with further practice for you to try, but this is optional. If you do have a go at this, you can either print the worksheet off, or just do the work straight into your maths book. The fourth section is just the answers to the worksheet in the third section.


I will log in to Education City tonight to see how you've all got on. By the way, I'm enjoying seeing the photos of you all at home on the gallery, so keep on sending them into Mrs Beddard. Here's a link to Education City so you can log on to have a go at your work.


If you do the optional third section, here are the answers so that you can check your work.

Another level: answers