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Monday 19th October

Monday 19th October


Hi Year 5 - I'm back!

Before we start, please look at the other subjects tab for Wednesday's work where you need to get some ingredients ready in advance.

I hope you all managed OK last week and I'm pleased to hear that most of you accessed and completed the work. It is really important that you complete all work set as when you return to school, we will be carrying on from wherever we have got up to. Last week you were working on addition and subraction so your first task for me this week is to complete a quick calculation check. The 10 questions below should be completed and the work emailed to me please on: 

You need to write out the questions and use the column method to show me your working out and answers:

1. 1,546 + 1,231 =

2. 2,565 + 1,126 =

3. 853 - 212 =

4. 4,578 - 2,492 =

5. 3,546 + 4,554 =

6. 9,611 - 4,256 =

7. 2,543 + 3,678 =

8. 4,787 - 3,898 =

9. 38,687 + 1,999 =

10. 5,711 - 5,699 =


Good luck, I know you will be brilliant!


Task 2:

We will be moving on to looking at how we can use addition and subtraction in other ways. Do you remember the recent work we did on rounding numbers? In today's lesson you will need to do some rounding while estimating too. Below is a White Rose teaching video that will help you understand what you need to do. When you see the pause symbol (") pause the video and answer any questions.

Please complete the worksheet at the bottom of the page and email it to me so I can check your work.

B Group - You must start on question 1 and complete up to question 5.

A Group - You should start on question 2 and complete up to question 6.

If anyone wishes to answer all the questions, you can!

You can take a picture of your work and email it if that helps.

It's great to be back!

Mr Jones.