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Good morning Year 5, we're almost there.yes I hope you're all ready to rock today's learning just  like you did last week!



Just like last week we will stick closely to our weekly plan. Just like last week there are two stars at the bottom of the page labelled A group and B group. Please open the one that it relevant to you to find your daily tasks. 


REMEMBER:Once you've completed your work email it so I can see how you're getting along.Any issues that you may have with the learning please mail me on the email address below and I will help you.



Ok, here are your tasks for today:


Task 1 - You're daily task for both groups.


Spend 15 minutes reading  your school reading book. ( if you have finished this choose a reading for pleasure book from home)


Using the guided reading questions below, spend 10 minutes with your adult discussing what you've understood from your reading.


Task 2 


Reading Comprehension.


Summarising Sheba



To Summarise the main ideas from a paragraph.


In this session you will look at questions that focus on how to sum up what you’ve read. It helps you to do this by reading the text, picking out the key points that are really important and giving a quick run down of the text’s main ideas.



* Read through the support power point that is provided, paying particular attention to the way in which these type of question are often asked.


* Complete the reading comprehension task. Once completed use the answers to check your work.



Good luck with your comprehension today, and remember to listen to chapter 6 of The Beast of Buckingham Palace.yes


Mrs Leach

The Beast of Buckingham Palace - Chapter 6