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Hi everyone, hope you all got on well with your Core learning this morning.yes Once again it is time for our first Foundation subject of the week and just like last Monday we will be beginning our week with a Computing lesson.


Today in Computing you will be designing an app.Please open the resources at the bottom of the page and scroll down to page 2. You will be working on a decomposition task where you have to think about breaking things down into parts.


Task 1


Design an App Activity.


Mr Jones and I would like you to think up a new app. This could be a game, fitness or travel app for example. We would then like you to create a design for the app by breaking it down and sketching out the different screens the user will see.




Decomposing the app down into the different screens allows you to create a design to illustrate how your app would work.




Please feel free to email myself or Mr Jones with examples of what you find.


Good luckyes