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Hi everyone, hope you all got on well with your Core learning this morning.yes Once again it is time for our first Foundation subject of the week and just like we normally do on a Monday, we will be beginning our week with a Computing lesson.


Today in Computing you will be thinking about algorithms.Please open the resources at the bottom of the page and scroll down to page 1. You will be working on an evaluation task where you have to think about making judgements about being an engineer. 


Task 4 (Page 2)


Be an Engineer.


Mr Jones and I would like you to make the tallest tower that you can possibly make with any construction materials you like. Discuss success criteria with your adult - it must stand up on its own for example. Make sure that you regularly evaluate your tower against the criteria and use this evaluation to make changes.




Make sure that you regularly evaluate your tower and make use of your ongoing self evaluation to inform changes in your design.




Please remember to email myself or Mr Jones with examples of the bridges you build.


Good luckyes