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Monday 2nd November

HI Year 6!


Welcome back to learning after the half term break. I hope you all had a great holiday and are ready for new lessons. I am also going to post this lesson on the new school app. If your parents have registered on the app, then you can access all the materials there. If you do this, then I'll be able to send you some feedback using the app too. For now, I've posted the same lesson in both places, so you can choose. Let me know what you think about homework on the new app if you use that method.


We are going to continue to lean about fractions; today it will be fractions on the number line. To start, here is a teaching video for you to watch, lasting about 20 minutes:

Year 6 maths: Fractions on the number line

Below you can find a worksheet with questions similar to those in the teaching video. It's a long worksheet, because these questions take up a lot of space on the paper. So there are 6 pages with questions, and then another 6 pages with answers. I'm not going to set a particular amount - see how far you can get. I think everyone should at least be able to have a go at the first 3 pages, but I'm sure lots of you can get further than that. Here's the worksheet:

When you are done, you can send me your work. This time, I've created a link especially for you to send the work to, or you can use the usual email address. When we change over to using the new school app for home learning, it will use links like this for you to submit work, so see how you get on doing it this way. The link should work on any device - computer, tablet, or phone. Here's the link to send your work to:

If you can't get the link to work, then just send your work to the usual email address. Good luck, and thanks for doing this lesson!


Mr M