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Good morning year 1! Welcome to week 2 of home learning.

Monday 30th March 2020

But first a joke to kick off the week.

Where do cows go on Friday nights?

They go to the moo-vies!


Here are today's tasks

1) Log in to Times Tables Rockstars and have a go at playing 3 games on garage.

If you can't log in, practice the 10 times table out of order.

On the topmarks website also have a go at 'Hit the Button' and practice some 2 times table questions.  Play 3 games if you can.

2) Today we are looking at tens and ones. In your maths booklet, turn to page 8 and read through.   Complete page 9 of your work booklet.

3) (Optional) Go onto the topmarks website and play 'Place value charts'. Select tens and units and make 2 digit numbers.   If you want a challenge try making 3 digit numbers by selecting hundreds, tens and units.


Good luck with your work today and stay safe. smiley

Mrs Birch