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Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning year 1!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Thank you to everyone who has completed the online tasks last week.  You are working really hard, well done! Today we are starting some new learning on Fractions.  We have already learned a little about halves from our work on division last week.


But first a joke to kick off Monday.

What does a cloud wear under his raincoat?



Here are today's tasks.

1)  Use the link below to play Daily 10.

Choose level 2 and multiplication.

Play 2 games for the 10 times table and 2 games for the 2 times table.

2)  Today I would like you to log in to Education city. 

I have set you some classwork on halves.  Complete the learn screen activity.

3) Below I have attached a worksheet on halving shapes.  Print it off and colour in half of each shape.

If you don't have a printer, ask your grown up to draw some shapes in your maths book and you can colour in half of each shape.

4) (Optional) I would also like you to start practising counting in fives.  Below is a link to youtube and you can watch a song about counting in 5s.



Good luck with your work today.  Have a great day and stay safe. smiley

Mrs Birch

If you have any queries, please contact me.


Counting by 5s

It's a skip counting song by 5s. This is designed to help with early years numeracy and sight words for numbers. This song was written and performed by A.J. ...