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Today you will need to read the poems below. Print them if you can and if not just read them from the screen. 

Poems you will need for Literacy today and tomorrow

Monday, 19th October 2020


Hi children - I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and you and your families are keeping well. smiley


Today we are going to be learning about how writers use similes in poetry.


LO: To be able to pick out similes in poetry and explain what they mean


1. Powerful writing can create pictures (images) in a reader's mind. 

Similes are used to describe things by comparing them to other things using as or like.

Here's some slides to help you understand similes a bit better:

Resources to help you understand similes a bit better

2. Now you're going to watch a famous poet called Roger Mc Gough read his poem, "The Reader of this poem". You can find his poem in the reading booklet so that you can follow if you want to.

3. When you read the poem YOU were the reader so really the poem is about YOU! That's cheeky!wink

Think about what the similes in the poem mean.

If the reader of the poem is as troublesome as bubblegum that's a bit like saying the reader of the poem can cause problems sometimes (like bubblegum does when it gets stuck to things and won't come off).


4. Now you're going to be a simile spotter! You can use your spelling homework book to do this work in or just use paper if you don't have it.


Write the date and the LO at the top of the page.

Now list all the similes you can find  in the poem, "The Reader of this poem".


5. Now choose your 3 favourite similes. Explain what you think each of the similes you have chosen means. 


Challenge (optional)

Read "As, as, as " in the reading booklet and find as many similes as you can.


And now ... Read your school reading book out loud to an adult for 15 minutes. Remember to ask your adult to sign your link book. 


And there you go...all done for today - hopefully as fast as lightening!


Please email me if you need any help and send a photo of your work if you can to me at:


Enjoy the rest of your day children! laugh