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Monday 19th October, 2020.

L.O: To find out that some materials are effective in preventing vibrations from sound sources reaching the ear.


So far in Science you have looked at how sound is made, how your ear hears the sound and the relationship between sound and distance.

Today's lesson is about soundproofing. Go through the PowerPoint presentation below, then see if you can conduct a similar experiment.


You could put a small toy that makes a noise or a small speaker in a box, then wrap it in different materials  ( a towel, bubble wrap, towel roll etc.) to see which one is the best at soundproofing. Now fill in the experiment sheet below ( You only need to complete one, you can choose which one you prefer) :

As always, we love to see your work so send it to my email. Bring your worksheet back to school when you return so it can go in your Science book.


Enjoy investigating!

Mrs Lloyd