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 Monday 13th July

 It has been a lovely sunny weekend, I hope you managed to get outside and enjoy it.  It is your last week of Year 3 and what a strange year it has been.


Have a go at solving this picture clue.



Times tables Rock stars

This week you can play on any area throughout the week, none of them are locked.  Play at least 5 games per day please.



During today I would like you to complete the following tasks;

Today is our final calculation day of the year!  You are now ready to move into Year 4. I have once again included 40 questions based on a range of the calculation skills for you to answer. You can write your answers in your Maths book. 


Aim to answer the questions in around 45 minute or less.  If after this amount of time you have not finished all questions you can stop.


The answers to the questions are at the bottom of this page—mark your answers when you have finished and double check any that are not quite right.


Calculation Questions

Telling the time games



Shape of the week.

How many sides does an Rhombus have?

How many edges does a cube have?



Quote of the day.

“Let the wild rumpus start!”

—Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak



Maths games

Try these Maths games. (Optional)



Picture riddle answer

Lazy Bones


Calculation answers